Cumbrian Weekend Breaks with Justbeyou

Alternative exclusive Cumbrian weekend breaks for women who choose to holiday on their own and begin a voyage of self-discovery.

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Residential Breaks

Our Cumbrian breaks are about YOU having time out from your busy life and solely concentrating on relaxing and rediscovering YOURSELF. We offer a safe, tranquil environment where you can re-energize, recharge your batteries and remember your dreams.

Julie Tooke is your OWN personal journey and we give you the tools and the space to focus on your inner-self having plenty of fun and laughter along the way.

This is not therapy, this is personal development.

Explore new ideas with like minded women and enjoy these truly inspirational sessions and then chill in the evenings, enjoying fabulous home cooked food with a glass of wine.

Stress Management Programmes In The Workplace

Just be you offers independent non-residential stress management programmes for private companies and organisations. This also forms part of a return to work plan, therefore meeting the employers duty of care.
Just be you workshops are based on building self- esteem, increasing self-confidence and assertiveness and maintaining a positive outlook.
We focus on the inner self and provide tools and techniques to cope with fears and anxieties, therefore giving staff the tools to cope with future stressful situations, and helping them to re-focus and return to the workplace.
The workshops are facilitated by Julie Tooke, Jo Hampson and Georgina Perkins.

Coping With Divorce

Just be you offers a two day non residential workshop for divorcees going through the process, or for those who have come out the other side, vulnerable and stressed out.
The sessions focus on improving fragile self-esteem, increasing self-confidence and assertiveness issues.
We focus on the inner self and provide tools and techniques to cope with fears, anxieties and especially anger.
We also assist with the transition from emotional wreck to an empowered woman, who sees through new eyes and welcomes her new found freedom.
We provide the opportunity and guidance in which she can re-discover who she really is and what she really wants from life.
The workshops are facilitated by Julie Tooke, Jo Hampson and Georgina Perkins.

Divorce Forum

I have also set up a forum to offer a free support network for men and women going through a divorce or separation.

You don't have to feel so alone, there are men and women who truly understand your fears, because they have experienced similar issues and have personally overcome hurdles and challenges. Often the most qualified to speak on a subject are those that have been there and worn the t shirt!
Come and join our forum and maybe you could help others as well as helping yourself .

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